Submitting your deals to CMCC:

Cosman Mortgage Capital values relationships with the mortgage brokerage network. CMCC wants to make 100% sure that your broker fee is protected when closing a mortgage.

If you would like to submit a deal, please e-mail it to We pride ourselves on quick turnaround times and feedback.

CMCC will look at any first, second or third mortgage within Ontario. We can provide feedback with basic submitting documents:

  • Application (with Summary)
  • Credit Reports
  • Net worth Statements
  • Appraisal (if available)

General Guidelines:

  • $500,000 – $25,000,000 Loan Amounts
  • Firsts start at 6.99%
  • Seconds start at 9.99%
  • Fees start at 1.5%
  • 75% LTV on most property types
  • 80% LTV on exception
  • 6-month to 3-year terms
  • Interest only payments
  • Flexible Repayment Options
  • Creativity
  • Ability to forgo certain conditions
  • Ability to close quickly
  • Possibility in case-to-case situations to 
    waive need for Appraisals
  • We allow Equity Takeout’s (case by case)

Please contact Cosman Mortgage Capital either by filling out your information below or calling us at 1-888-594-5346.