Cosman Mortgage Capital has developed conservative commercial underwriting practices over the last 35 years. Typically, CMCC reviews approximately 50 mortgages for every 1 that is funded.

CMCC analyses each mortgage with four main criteria:

  • Equity: How is the investment protected?
  • Income: How are the monthly payments going to be made?
  • Exit Strategy: How is the mortgage going to be repaid?
  • Additional risks: Environmental concerns, Market Risk, Property Condition, Local Market Conditions, etc.

For every Mortgage CMCC will complete intensive due diligence which typically includes:

  • On site inspections
  • Face to Face Interviews
  • Appraisal Reports
  • Environmental Reports
  • Building Conditions Reports
  • Cost Consultant Reports
  • Planner Reports
  • Insurance adequacy reports

Cosman Mortgage Capital specializes in mortgage syndication and administration. Investors can expect expertise in underwriting and loan monitoring by Cosman Mortgage Capital.